Half-Life 2: Jaykin Bacon SOURCE (v4.0)
A Mod for Half-Life 1
by The Podunkian (podunkian at suteki dot nu)

IRC: #hl2jks on irc.gamesurge.net

There's a bug in the game that will be fixed REALLY soon. A fixed HL2JKS 5.0 will be up very soon.

Download the trailer, NOW! (Thanks to Fragfiles for the mirror)

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A Note: I'm sorry to all those I've "stolen" models from. I would have taken the time to credit everybody properly if I knew I was going to release it publically. By the time I decided I wanted a public release I had already "borrowed" about 30 models, which would have taken an eternity to hunt down the authors to. So if your work is found in my mod, and you want proper credit (or if you want the work removed from the mod), contact me at the above email address. Thank you.

What is it?:
Beats me.

I know Snake versus Monkey mode fucks up a lot. Just don't play with MP_TEAMPLAY 1 and you should be fine. Who makes it?:
I (The Podunkian) do all of the coding. My personal site is at www.superfundungeonrun.com. The models are from everywhere else. Visit my personal site. It kind of rules.

I have a comment, or suggestion:
I guess you can email me. My contact info is in the readme. Please refrain from using AIM to contact me.

Do you have permission to use these models?:
Besides the ones I made myself, nope. UPDATE: Got permission from TS Team to use their models. Still need permission from, what, Action Half-life, The Ship, and... Day of Defeat/Counterstrike? If all else fails, I can get Duffman to make me my own models.

My work is featured in your mod and I want you to get rid of it!:
Contact me and I'll get it done as soon as possible.

Why the shitty name?:
Half-Life 2: Jaykin' Bacon Source is somewhat of a joke mod. It started about 6 months ago when I wanted to learn how to mod. I had no plan, or team, or anything for that matter. The first thing I coded was an M1 Garand, which was based off of the Glock code. It didn't work completely correctly, but I had my share of giggles from getting it ingame. So I started over from scratch, this time having learned a little from my M1 Garand experiment (Which I had called "Half-Life 2", as a joke, since the game wasn't out then). This new version of the game was going to be better than the first in every way possible (which wasn't saying much.) I coded an M1 Garand, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Mortar, Thompson, Akimbo Uzis, and a lot of other gigglyshit. I called this baby "Half-Life 2: Just Kidding". I lost it to a format though, and had to start over from scratch.

Which brings us to this, Half-Life 2: Jaykin' Bacon Source. Jaykin' Bacon because that's how awesome people say Just Kidding, and Source because it's the sequel to the original Just Kidding. Jaykin' Bacon took like, 4 months to make.

What's in it?:
Lots of crap. Look, it's only like 30 megs, so just download it and play it.

- Lots of crap stolen from a lot of places. And some work that's mine too, so fuck off.
- Great voice acting, by me, because I rule.
- Action Half-Life style diving.
- Day of Defeat style proning.
- Unreal Tournament style combo messages.
- A hell of a lot of weapons.
- A particle system.
- A console command called KarPar, which rules.

Old-crap screenshots

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